Jeffrey Richard Salon | COVID-19 Information
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COVID-19 UPDATE (August, 2020)

To Our Valued Guests (and hopefully FUTURE Guests!),

We are quickly coming up on 8 weeks of being open and wanted to give you an update of a few slight “tweaks” we have to our salon operations and procedures since we began navigating our world with the COVID19 pandemic. These continue to be out of an abundance of caution for our team, our guests and our community. There are still many questions about this virus and how it is contracted and we are not taking any chances.

We have made a lot of “behind the scenes” changes to our salon procedures and sanitation and want to keep you up to date on what will affect you at your next visit. If you are new to us and considering us as your new salon home, you will be clear on “how we are rolling”.

  • Everyone on our team has been certified in the updated Barbicide COVID19 training.
  • We have adjusted schedules, removed stations and have moved things around in the salon to follow physical distancing suggestions of 6 ft.
  • If you are sick (fever, cough, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing and loss of taste and smell) we BEG you NOT to come to your appointment!
    • Please give us as much notice as you possibly can so we can fill your time off our cancellation list.
    • We will be understanding of last minute cancellations if you don’t feel well.
  • If any of our team members are sick, they will be staying home as well. They also are asked the same questions you are and have their tempreture checked daily. (We will be overly cautious in this regard)
    • This may require us to rebook your appointment last minute and we will do our very best to get you back in as soon as possible.
    • PLEASE be kind to our Guest Service Team. They are doing their very best to accomodate in difficult times.
  • We MUST have a credit card on file prior to your service and will not be accepting checks or cash. The point of purchase system and server we use are extremely safe and all numbers encrypted for the highest security. Your transaction will be run after you leave the salon. If you would like a receipt emailed to you, please let us know.
  • FOR HAIRCUT SERVICES: Please wash your hair within 2 hours of your appointment as we will NOT be shampooing haircut guests. (This is mainly to limit our exposure to eachother, especially in a laid back face to face position of shampooing.)
  • FOR HAIR COLOR SERVICES: No need to shampoo since we will need to shampoo the color out. We have installed 3 ft by 6 ft plexiglass barriers between each shampoo bowl for your and our safety.
  • We will continue to NOT blow dry hair at this time. There are two reasons. First, it limits exposure time between guests and our team. Secondly, it is still up in the air (pardon the pun) as to whether COVID19 can be blown around with the use of blow dryers. We would rather be safe than sorry. We hope you understand.
  • We will not be offering beverage service at this time (to avoid touching glasses and having to hand wash them)
  • We will not have magazines available since we cannot sanitize them in between use.
  • We would prefer that you bring the bare minimum to your appointment. (keys, phone)
  • Please come to your appointment alone. We will not be accommodating additional people that are not receiving a service.
  • Everyone entering the salon MUST wear a face covering and keep it over their mouth and nose the entire visit. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All of our team members will be wearing face masks AND a face shields or safety goggles. It would be best to use our disposable mask (One and Dones) during color services to save you mask. We will have them available.
  • When you arrive for you appointment, please come to the door. (It will be locked) We have moved one of our Guest Sevice terminals to the front, but if they are with someone else, please physical distance until they unlock the door to ask questions and take your temp.
  • Before you enter, we will ask you a few health questions (my guess is you have heard them already) and we will take your temperature. As soon as you enter we ask you either use hand sanitizer (that we provide) or go to the restroom and wash your hands.
  • EVERYONE will need to sign our COVID release form to be serviced. If you have already signed one you are all set.
  • Your Service Provider will come out and greet you. No handshakes or hugs at this time. (This is going to KILL Jeffrey!)
  • The ENTIRE station/chair and implements are sanitized with Barbacide after EACH GUEST.
  • We will NOT have you change into a color gown if you are getting a color service so please wear an old top with a lower neckline or something you don’t care about getting color on. (Although this rarely happens)
  • We will use a freshly laundered cutting cape for each guest.
  • Guests will be seated with a plexiglass barrier between stations or have 6 feet of distance in between each station.
  • If you fall into a vulnerable population or work in healthcare with COVID19 patients PLEASE let us know PRIOR to your visit and we can make arrangements for your appointment to be done in a private space separated from the main salon.
  • Your service provider will be making notes on your ticket regarding product that are needed (our Guest Service team will get it ready while you wait) and have a discussion with you about your future appointments.
    • We would prefer not to re-book future appointments in the salon, again, to limit exposure time and to keep our physical distance. If the our Guest Service Team is not busy with people waiting, they may have time get you re-scheduled.
    • Otherwise, we have a form that your stylist will fill out and we’ll get you booked out and email them to you.

PLEASE understand how important amazing service and the experience is to us and the new protocols will be in effect until the virus spread slows way down or we have a vaccine. At that time we can get back to the JRS experience that you have become accustomed to.

And finally, we are FILLED WITH GRATITUDE FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND SUPPORT AT THIS TIME. We are determined to rise to the occasion with a positive attitude and a high level of professionalism. These circumstances continue to change and there is still a lot unknown, it will require our constant attention and reevaluation. Thank you in advance for you understanding.

In service, peace and health…..