Jeffrey Richard Salon | COVID-19 Information
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COVID-19 UPDATE (November, 2020)

Hi everyone!

We wanted to touch base on the updated COVID19 mask policies by the CDC and what Jeffrey Richard Salon will be doing moving forward. We understand there are a lot of opinions regarding this issue and we hope you remain understanding as we navigate these changes. We have trusted and relied on the information from the CDC from the beginning and we plan to continue to do so. Science is our guide.

    • This week we will remain on our current mask protocols. (Everyone must wear a mask in the building)
    • Our entire team will be fully vaccinated next week. Beginning Tuesday, May 25th our team will have the option of wearing a mask as will our FULLY VACCINATED GUESTS.
    • We will not be asking for proof of vaccination, yet relying on the honor system for non vaccinated guests to continue wearing a mask.
    • If for ANY REASON you would like your stylist to wear a mask during your service, please ask…we are happy to accommodate.
    • If you have an underlying health condition or cannot get vaccinated you may request our private room for your service. It is booked on a first request basis.
    • Beginning next week you will also have the option of experiencing the familiar Jeffrey Richard Salon rituals that so many of you have been missing.
    • Back are the Stress Relieving Treatment’s, Hand Massages, Hot Towel Facials as well as the return of our makeup unit.
    • Our beverage service will also make a slow return with infused water and Aveda Comforting Tea. The espresso machine will be back when she returns from her tune-up!
    • Thank you in advance for your continues understanding and support. We truly appreciate it.
    • As always….if you have any questions, please let us know.


Jeffrey Richard Cipcic